Bineri offers expertise across the wind farm value chain through to operations. This work encompasses the following phases:

Preliminary Site Review Detailed Site Assessment
Site Developement Support Post Consent/Pre Consent Advice
General Advisory Work Clients

Preliminary Site Review

Bineri will undertake a desktop assessment that will determine whether your land is suitable including;

  • Separation from residential properties
  • Proximity to historic, ecological or other sensitive landscape areas.
  • Estimated wind speed.
  • Potential of any development to interfere with aviation activities and radar installations.
  • The level of competitive development activity in the area.
  • Whether probable noise levels at neighbouring properties will be acceptable.

For an individual site this work costs £750+VAT, for larger site portfolios a bespoke quotation can be prepared. To order please email a map showing your site boundaries to

Detailed Site Assessment

Following the preliminary site review above then a more detailed feasibility study of the site is made. This work includes;
  • A review of the local plan to determine the regional and local planning context within which any development would take place.
  • A meeting with the planning officer to discuss the general planning situation in the area, and whether any other projects are in the early stages of development.
  • A site visit to determine the nature of nearby properties and their likely sensitivity as noise receptors, and the height and density of any industrial buildings or tree cover nearby.
  • Review local topography to see if sensitive aviation sites and/or radar sources have a line of sight to any potential turbine.
  • A draft layout for wind turbines on the site.
  • Preparation and submission of pro-forma consultation documents concerning aviation and microwave links.
  • A draft report covering the above.

For an individual site this second-stage report costs £2750+VAT, excluding expenses.

Site Development Support

Once the decision has been taken to develop a site then the detailed development work begins in earnest. Bineri can be contracted in to act as your ‘in house’ wind energy project manager to handle, or advise on;

  • Arranging on site anemometry and data monitoring.
  • Specifying the requirements for consultants to tender for the preparation of the Scoping Report and Environmental Impact Assessment
  • How, and when, consultation with local residents should be handled.
  • Discussions with the local authority including the drafting of planning conditions.
  • Liaising with the local network operator to assess the optimum way of connecting any project to the local transmission network.
  • Troubleshooting any of the above.

Typically such work is undertaken on the basis of a contract covering the provision of services through the active phase of project development, for which a monthly retainer is paid depending upon the scope of works concerned.

Post Consent/Pre Construction Advice

Once planning permission has been secured then the focus of work turns to the financial engineering of the project including;

  • Negotiation of a suitable Power Purchase Agreement for the project.
  • Selection of appropriate wind turbine technology for the site.
  • Financial modelling
  • Consideration of funding options to be build the project.
  • Specification and tendering of the construction works for the site including;
    • Turbine Purchase, Warranty, and Operation and Maintenance Agreements
    • On site Civil and Electrical Works
    • Connection Agreement for the site

As before Bineri, along with expertise from PMSS Ltd, can provide a depth and range of advice to address the specific requirements of a site at this advanced stage. The bespoke nature of this latter stage development work means that work packages are priced through negotiation to reflect the specific requirements of our clients.

General Advisory Work

In addition to the project specific work outlined above Bineri undertakes a broad range of other consultancy work in the renewable energy sector including;

  • Review & prioritisation of existing site portfolio
  • Market Research
  • Business Planning
  • Finance Raising
  • Corporate Relations


Since its formation Bineri has advised the following companies and organisations;

  • UK Coal’s power generation division, Harworth Power Ltd
  • Clipper Windpower PLC
  • Whitfield Solar Ltd
  • Infinergy Ltd
  • Broadview Energy
  • Bernard Matthews Ltd
  • British Sugar Ltd
  • Associated British Foods Ltd
  • Renewables East
  • Energy4All