There has never been a better time to look at erecting a wind turbine, or wind farm on your land.

In 2002 the UK government established the Renewables Obligation as a long term support framework for the development of clean, renewable energy resources. As a consequence of the Renewables Obligation electricity providers are heavily incentivised to contract for clean energy as part of their portfolio. The healthy prices available from such arrangments mean that it is now profitable for many companies to develop wind energy facilities on their land as the projects at Fordís Dagenham plant, Bristol Portís Avonmouth Docks, and Pirelliís Carlisle plant testify.

Many companies think that they need to joint venture such projects to bring in the expertise to develop their sites. Often they do not realise the value they are losing as a result of tying up too early with a turbine supplier, utility or investment group. Developing a wind farm in the UK can be a complex business, but properly managed projects can move through development and into construction reasonably smoothly, especially when located on brownfield sites.

Bineri is here to help you maximise the value from your projects.